Hailing from NCR, my skills in various mediums of painting like oil and acrylic on canvas and drawings on paper, tried to develop own individual style of art after much studies and experimentation. Being imaginative and creative in nature my forms are simplified and stylized, has an influence of cubistic painting style with geometric arrangement of forms, but approach is unique and individualistic in nature. I like to actively involve myself in experimenting with new elements and possibilities of painting medium.

Being dedicated about my passion, I always wanted to do something crazy….. something next to impossible…. which couldn’t ever be thought of doing alone, therefore I commenced on the project LORD, Length Of Real Devotion, a painting measuring 1200 metres in length by 1.25 metres in width, depicting enormous forms of Lord Ganesha on cloth by arylic colours and managed to make it by heart and soul and finished in the span of seven months and thirteen days….


  Artist Deekhsa Bhardwaj

“Impossible word stays away from my dictionary, that is, when just the thinking of this whole project was told to others leaving them with goose bumps, which was quite motivating for me as a whole while I was implementing it really”.
The thought of this project before starting it….beautiful journey of ‘ME’ with Lord Ganesha, with colours of devotion…. implementing it thereby with zeal….continous vigourous efforts….And FINALLY making it …..was all a dream come true!!!!!
Glad to state that LORD has finally left a mark in the history of creating records!

It has been registered for making the 'Longest painting by an individual' in the ‘LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS’ in the Paintings Chapter in 2010,
Colours have always fascinated me and I love being bright as tints and tones, alike my palette, that persistently unfolds this truth and reminds me of the same. Have practiced a lot of charcoal, acrylics, oils, and other mediums as well.

The spontaneity and texturous effect of charcoal takes my breath away. As in, it is such a powerful medium that anyone can feel lost.

Right now, I am working with many mediums like pen, pencil, oils and acrylics. Initiating my painting takes a lot of thinking process, I do write some lines before starting my every series of work….I love to play with mono/di/trichromatic colours, sometimes I also experiment with lots of tints and tones….I never bound myself to a restricted colour palette….I believe, we have different moods, each day has something different to offer, we love change, with different friends, different people, country and so on…. which motivates me more to keep on bringing new aspects and new thinking to the ground of canvas, and to keep discovering new shades of life….

As far as my series of work is concerned, I love to work on myself, my experiences of what I feel, in my mind, around me, about me….sometimes mythology fascinates me too much, sometimes Womanhood, being a mother/a daughter/different roles of women, Jai Nari-Shakti Ki, Let me be ME, Relatively yours, Me with Me, Surrender are some of the series of the paintings which I painted….I even love to paint my travel experiences, have website……..

That’s just a gyst of me, I believe there’s lot more to say….



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