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Being dedicated about my passion, I always wanted to do something crazy….. something next to impossible…. which couldn’t ever be thought of doing alone, therefore I thought and commenced on the project LORD, Length Of Real Devotion, a painting measuring 1200 metres in length by 1.25 metres in width, depicting enormous forms of Lord Ganesha on cloth by arylic colours and managed to make it by heart and soul and finished in the span of seven months and thirteen days….

“Impossible word stays away from my dictionary, that is, when just the thinking of this whole project was told to others left them with goose bumps, quite motivated me as a whole while I was really implementing it”.

Commencing these type of projects, as far as I have learned, requires a lot of patience, dedication, killer’s instinct, an unstoppable urge to satisfy the hunger within you, and most of all family’s support and motivation persistently reminding of what you ‘finally’ want to be, what you always have desired to achieve, and continuously feed that sometimes-fluctuating-hunger within you by their much motivational words, are the keys for the completion of these kind of not-so-impossible projects.

I remember in this journey when a time came that made me sit on ‘that’ examination chair where I knew I could fail in this exam if I get up in the last 30 minutes and nothing could be of any help other than ‘that’ killer’s Instinct and patience, my colours in around the month of November started seeping, due to the humid and moisturous cliamate, turning my project disastrous as much as it could be, I always believe in attaining quality of the work, therefore it was ‘that’ last 30 minutes exam of the whole project where patience and family’s support played a vital role to hold all the negative thoughts and wrapping them under optimistic ones….

The thought of this project before starting it…. The beautiful journey of ‘ME’ with Lord Ganesha with the colours of devotion…. Implementing them thereby with zeal….Continous vigourous efforts….And FINALLY making it …..was all a dream come true!!!!!

Glad to state that LORD has finally left a mark in the history of creating records!

It has been registered as the 'Longest painting by an individual' in the ‘LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS’ in the Paintings Chapter in 2010.
LORD has managed to achieve a remarkable space in many esteemed local and national newspapers and TV channels all over across India.
















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